The Sientra Standard


Unrivaled safety and clinical results.12 Sientra offers the latest generation of implants with low complication rates.1


The industry’s most comprehensive 20-year warranty.


Tailored to your practice’s success with marketing programs, industry education and a concierge, always-on approach.


An abundance of sizes and profiles allow you to fully customize your patients’ desired appearance.

Supply Chain

Sientra offers the highest quality implants that are now exclusively manufactured in the U.S.


Let’s be exclusive. Sientra is the only high-strength cohesive silicone gel implant offered solely to board-certified plastic surgeons.


Breast Implants Uniquely Designed to Improve patient outcomes

When it comes to patient safety not all implants are created equal. Sientra implants are clinically shown to have low complication rates.2

1,116 patients enrolled | evaluated for 10 years

Low Capsular Contracture Rate
Lowest Breast Implant Rupture Rate
Lowest Reoperation Rate

*(primary augmentation cohort)

Hand Holding Breast Implant

See Confidence In Patient Satisfaction Rates1


Felt More Feminine


Felt Their Breasts Look Natural and Soft


Felt Their Clothes Fit Better

(primary augmentation cohort)

photo of Sarita, Actual Sientra Patient

See the Industry’s Most Comprehensive
20-Year Warranty

Because we believe in the safety and performance of our implants, we can offer the industry’s best warranty. The Sientra Platinum20™ Product Replacement and Limited Warranty Program provides the most comprehensive protection, longest length of coverage, most financial assistance, and least amount of warranty restrictions amongst all implant brands.

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